Whenever the disaster strikes, we’re often unprepared. It seems counterintuitive to rely on computers without thinking of making backups. When we have backups, we don’t need to worry about losing data because there’s always a copy. But what if this is not the case? We’re all human beings and it’s natural to simply forget to make a copy, for example. And what if the storage device fails and there’s no backup?

Here comes the dreaded task of data recovery. Let’s say you have a storage device which has damaged photos. You can pay a lot of money to a specialist to have your data restored but it’s obviously quite some trouble. What can you do instead? The answer is so easy it almost hurts. You can get a special program that can help recover corrupted JPEG files and not spend ridiculous amounts of time and money on it. Use Picture Doctor instead, be efficient.

Damaged JPEG images

Here are examples of damaged JPEG image that can be fixed with JPEG Recovery Softwrae

damaged jpeg images

There’s a simple way to recover corrupted JPEG files with the use of Picture Doctor. Here it is:

  1. Download photo repair software using this link from SoftOrbits website. Follow installation instructions.
  2. Go ahead and start with locating your corrupted files and adding them. photo repair softwareThe program doesn’t have a limit on how many you can work with but remember that the more files you have, the more time it will require to process.
  1. You need to select the folder that the program will store the recovered files in after it’s done.

There’s actually nothing more to be done, you can click Rescue and wait for the results. No additional options, they are unnecessary, the program works in a fully automatic mode.

How to Recover Corrupted Photos

Hopefully, you’ll manage to recover corrupted JPEG files shortly and you won’t be in trouble. If you run into any issues, please contact support and you’ll have your questions answered. The program has a free trial that you can get before you decide to purchase.

Such a shame that your photos have been corrupted! It may have been that you damaged the storage or it somehow ran into an error of unknown origin. It can be anything but the problem of recovering corrupted images becomes real and has to be dealt with. What can you do to handle it quickly and painlessly? How to recover corrupted photos? One of the good solutions to the problem is going to a specialized agency that will recover the photos for you. But, this can prove time-consuming and tiresome, not to mention expensive. You can go for another option which is sort of DIY, it’s using a program for solving the problem, for example, Picture Doctor. This software was designed as a tool for recovering corrupted photos and can be used on any computer that runs on Windows.

Here’s how to recover corrupted photos, it’s actually very simple. You just add files, select the output folder, and then click Rescue. This will start the process of restoring the photos and you’ll be able to see the results quickly. There’s no preview, however, you just head over to the output folder and check there. If the files are recovered, they will be there in one piece.

You should be aware, however, that not all files can be recovered. Sometimes it happens that the files are too damaged and the information is lost forever, overwritten, then Picture Doctor won’t be much of a use to recover corrupted images. The program has a trial period and you can check if your files are recoverable anyway, before purchasing.

How JPEG images become damaged?

The problem that often arises before photographers and photo lovers is that data isn’t damage-proof, there’s always a chance that your data might one day get deleted or damaged accidentally. Of course,the best answer here is to always make backups of your photos since they’re too precious to lose but who does that really on regular basis. We tend to forget and then we’re faced with rather unfortunate circumstances all of a sudden. No one can say what happens in the future so sometimes we need to react to what we’ve already gotten. In a situation like this, when you lose important photos, the best solution is not to panic but to act quickly. There are two obvious ways how to fix corrupted photos. One is calling a company that deals with data recovery, they will probably have a solution ready for you but be prepared to pay a pretty penny for that, since this will involve the whole company. If you prefer to do things your way on your own, there’s another solution, which is simply getting a program to help with damaged photos. There are not so many on the market and the one that can really help to fix corrupted photos is Picture Doctor by SoftOrbits.